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Kingdom Business Forum: All you need To Know

Kingdom Business Forum Breakfast held in Lusaka Zambia

The November 8th-11th 2022 Kingdom Business Forum is know open to register. The Forum is an opportunity to join  over 200 business leaders, church leaders, and pastors in one on one discussions, trainings and interactions. It will also connect mentors with the young in the business world who need mentorship.

The four-day event that will be held from November 8-11, 2022 will be the first of its kind and it will be addressed by key business influencers and leaders, pastors, government heads, church leaders, and business owners. It will be an opportunity for participants to engage in kingdom-minded business mentorship, networks, and partnerships.

Where it all Began

For a long time, the Body of Christ in Africa has suffered the pain of poverty. While poverty comes from different reasons, the major cause of poverty in the church is the lack of investment into Kingdom businesses, talents and innovations by many Christians. It is unfortunate that the place of life in abundance has turned out to be a place of lack.

This is because traditionally, especially in Africa, the church focused on the spiritual aspect of Christianity, shying away from the physical well-being of a Christian from the time they are born again to the day they will die. The belief that once born again one will go to heaven has made the church have an escapist mindset and everything they do has been directly linked to waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ. This caused the following issues:

i. Doing business in the church has been seen as an ungodly activity and those who ventured in it were seen as not fully born again.

ii. Due to few Christians doing business, the principles, and values of doing business the kingdom way are not well established paving way for ungodly ways of doing business.

iii. Young people venturing into the business world are forced into the ungodly systems of doing business as they have no mentors to guide them and identify with in the marketplace.

This explains why many fall out of God’s way in pursuit of financial stability and freedom. Take an example of the Gospel Singers; it has become easier for them to go the secular way as they find little or no financial support from the church. The key problem is that the business aspect of monetizing talents and gifts the kingdom way has not been harnessed in the church.

This case represents many more scenarios in the Body of Christ today that are a result of lack of kingdom business-minded men and women who can invest in business ideas, talents, & innovations, etc.

It’s Transition Time

Are you an investor, entrepreneur, business owner or have a desire to do business the Kingdom way? and Are you tired of the poverty in the Body of Christ? Do you feel touched to bring a change by contributing to the Kingdom’s way of doing business? Now than ever before the church needs you to arise and join the MJAN Business Forum and join hands together with key business leaders and Influencers to give solutions to the three key problems and bring back an abundant life.

Come join us as we bring to realization the full potential of the church and break the norm of just meeting for prayers and services and later going out to look for what the world has to offer. It is time the church gives to the world and not just receives from the world. It is the season for Christians to live holistic quality lives on earth, and not just languish in poverty and lack as we wait to go to heaven.

Our Goal

At the end of the forum, we believe that we shall be able to:

· To launch a Christian Business Movement

· To establish constant kingdom training business programs

· Create a network and partnerships with Leading Christian Businesses across the globe.

· Establish kingdom business mentorship programs.

The conference will feature, presentation from Keynote speakers, panel discussions, question and answer sessions, interaction and networking sessions. In addition, there will be opportunity identification segments during which we believe that meaningful relationships and partnerships are going to be created.

Key Topics of Discussion

· Doing business, the Kingdom way

· Bridging the gap between the church and the market place

· Balancing the spiritual and the physical (Financial) aspects of life.

· Kingdom Values and Principles for doing business

· Opportunities of Christian Businessperson.

Want to register? Send us the completed registration details on or call Kabira Daisy on +250 780 530360

First Name: 


Identification/Passport Number:  

Phone number:


Country of Residence:


Job Title:


What role do you play in ministry in your church?

Short biography (5-10 lines)

Registration is 20 USD sent to:

Account Number: 4007200238089

Name: Fatherhood Ministries

Bank: Equity Bank


We shall provide transport, accommodation and food in Rwanda during the conference period. You are therefore requested to cater for your return travel tickets and any other expense that you may incur during your travel.

Pacifique Hakizimana, Founder Kingdom Business Forum, address Business leaders in Rwanda.

Who we are

The Kingdom Business Forum is a platform that seeks to bring together Christian Business people with an aim of creating a Kingdom Cultured business environment in which business is carried out within the Kingdom values and principles.

Besides creating opportunities for partnerships and networks between Christians business people from different parts of the world, the Kingdom  Business Forum is the perfect place to learn and know how to partner with God in advancing His Kingdom and also to mentor young Christians who aspire to venture into business.

By partnering with God and allowing the lead of the Holy Spirit, then Kingdom Business people will have dominion and authority over all recourses that God has put on earth.