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Fatherhood Gospel Music

Fatherhood Gospel Music is an arm of Fatherhood Sanctuary under the Morning for All Nations. It is a movement that seeks to bring together Worship Leaders after which we teach, mentor and father them into true worship.

Our heart is to change the worship service from a religious act, entertainment and performance to a moment of receiving from the spirit and experiencing the Father.


To be the center of true worship and a host of God’s presence


To teach, Raise, Mentor and Father worship leaders into real worship of the Kingdom and commission them to all the parts of the earth.


Your Kingdom Come


  • To unite worship leaders and teaching them on the kingdom mindsets.
  • To elevate the worship to a standard that will portray maturity attracting honor and respect.
  • To unite worship leaders and Pastors in order to partner at international conferences, seminars and other programs.
  • To bring serenity in the gospel ministry by creating great, life changing and impacting songs that hosts God’s presence.
  • To train, mentor and father worship leaders on how to host God’s presence and how to partner with the Holy Spirit.
  • To build a state of the art Kingdom Centered Music School.

Core values

  • Hope
  • Honor
  • Excellence
  • Discipline
  • Kingdom Culture
  • Presence