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The Hope Center is a branch of the Fatherhood Sanctuary. It is as a place of training where the vulnerable and the needy in the society are taught, equipped and empowered with different skills and knowledge with the an aim to enable them support themselves financially.

Besides that the center seeks to reach people beyond the four walls including church leaders and pastors who also needs skills like entrepreneurship that can help the financially stable.

To bring back hope dignity, value and identity in Christ to the hopeless, discouraged and vulnerable in the society through giving them a secure center, loving them, training them on different skills and counseling.

To be a center of Hope for the society by transforming and restoring people back into the image of God through the love of the Father.

  • To raise a society a wholesome society through investing and caring for people and purposefully creating an inviting environment.
  • To equip the society with fundamental principles of the Kingdom of God by teaching and training them on the Kingdom Culture.
  • To counsel, guide and help the vulnerable in the society to overcome their past and embrace their future with God.
  • To create an environment of freedom, honor and excellence by creating relational trust.
  • To expand and add value to the ever developing world by creating an affordable Christian centered education equipped by qualified and experienced staff and a well-defined teaching development plan.
  • To help the people to discover their purposes in life thus serve the Nation’s agenda through a healthy working and learning environment.
  • To train and equip people with fundamental skills that will earn them and their families a living.

Hope Centre came to me as a dream in 2017.  In the dream someone took me to a mountain top and from there I could see women going down to the river with water containers to fetch water. They would then struggle up the mountain with their containers full of water.

He then took to me to Congo and showed me how the people from this country were struggling to make ends meet in life. The man told me that suffering of the people would stop when the church takes its position. Since that time I began to see the needs that our communities here in Africa are facing.

I also realized that certain groups of people like the prostitutes could get born again which meant they lost their business and did not have any skills on how to make money for themselves. Thus they need a place to call home and be trained.

During that time also realized that key church leaders and pastors need more skills on money, parenting and other life skills. In order to bring a solution to the problems the idea of Hope Centre was birthed.

Over the last 7 years we have achieved the following

-Support to vulnerable children through education (school fees, Uniforms and school stationary. We had 77 pupils before Glorious Academy was closed due to covid.

-Support to women informal training in tailoring and provision of sewing machines. (5 for Training and 4 machines provided for support).

-Training of women in beadwork skills (23). etc