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Morning Joy for all Nations

Morning Joy for all Nations

Morning Joy for All Nations (MJAN) is a movement seeks to break religion barriers and interdenominational strive been experienced in many parts of Africa and the world at large with an aim to bring church leaders, worship leaders and pastor together in a way they can worship and serve God together and partner in the work of the kingdom.

This movement is a neutral umbrella that also works to improve the quality of the pastors lives by taking care of them and also advising them on various issues including how to balance ministry life and family, business mindset, retirement plans etc.


The movement has had the privilege to start chapters in Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia and many other countries that we are in the process of building solid relations. Besides the founder Bishop Pacifique is Favour Alice Muthondeki who is the Director East Africa and Mwanza .L. Julius Director Central Africa.
The MORNING JOY FOR ALL NATIONS is a neutral umbrella that invites all Pastors and Church leaders in the body of Christ revealing the heart of God the Father to the people. We are a wholesome ministry with all the fivefold ministries in operation. This movement seeks to break religion barriers and interdenominational strive been experienced in many parts of Africa and the world at large.

Statement of Faith

We believe in the Trinity - God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- the baptism of the Holy Spirit that empowers a believer to live a righteous life filled with unconditional love followed by signs and wonders; and the grace of God provided to us through Jesus Christ working within us, empowering us and enabling us to live Godly lives. We also believe in an inherent God as manifested through Jesus Christ, the Lord of all creation, whose dominion, rule and Kingdom is ever evident upon the universe.


To break religion barriers and interdenominational strive being experienced in many parts of Africa and the world at large.



To see the people of all nations reach their divine destiny of reigning together with Christ Jesus in dominion and power.


  • To unite the body of Christ by educating brethren on the kingdom mindsets. These will elevate the body of Christ to a standard that will portray maturity attracting honor and respect.
  • To unite church leaders and theological scholars by building a state of the art Christian ministry center with a capacity to hold international conferences, seminars and research programs.
  • To bring serenity in the media industry by creating Christian based content that teaches on family values and morality.
  • We are creating a safe space for the pastors and leaders to allow them to flourish both economically and spiritually.
  • To enable people participate actively in their social-economic development, scientific, technological and cultural research and within their society.
  • To preach the word of God to people as revealed in the Bible using the following means: Evangelical crusades, conferences, seminars, weekly worship meeting, prayer chains, praise and worship sessions and testimonies.Books, Magazines, Films, Radio, Television (TV), Internet, etc.

Core Values

⦁ Love- John 13:34 The only commandment that Jesus gave to His Disciple
⦁ Forgiveness: Through the Death of Jesus all our sins are forgiven.
⦁ Care: God is in charge of all.
⦁ Honor: We are honored not by what we have or what you do but because of who we are in God through Jesus Christ.
⦁ Excellence: It is the character of God and our goal is to imitate His nature of doing things.
⦁ Hope: The energy that keeps us moving forward.
⦁ Problem/Obstacle: They are advantages for us to see Gods greatness and also a way of growth to attain more maturity muscle.
⦁ Responsibility: We are aware of our work task and we are working hard to give forth the intended fruits.
⦁ Faith: We believe that all things are possible.